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José Antonio Díez

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University of Barcelona

José Antonio Díez



Departament de Filosofia
Universitat de Barcelona
Montalegre, 6-8, 4ª planta
08001 Barcelona

Phone: +34 934 037 874

Fax: +34 934 037 980

Curriculum Vitae

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Barcelona 1961. I studied Philosophy at the U. of Barcelona (BA 1984), where I did my PhD (1992) with a dissertation on Measurement Theories. I have been professor at the U. Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona, 1986-2006) and at U. Barcelona (since 2006); Visiting Scholar at U. München, NYU, LSE and U. Pittsburgh; and Visiting Professor at several universities in Mexico and Argentina. My main research area is philosophy of science, in particular measurement theories, structuralism, scientific explanation and representation, and semantics of scientific concepts; but I am also interested in epistemology, philosophy of language and philosophy of mind.  


Selection of Publications

  • José Antonio Díez, D. Pineda. 2024

    A Non-Causalist Account of the Explanatory Autonomy in the Psychological Sciences

  • José Antonio Díez. 2024

    Between Structure and Function:  A Syncretic, Pragmatist Account of Scientific Representation           

  • José Antonio Díez, Ariel Roffe. 2024

    Is It Possible to Empirically Test a Metatheory?

    Foundations of Science,
  • José Antonio Díez. 2024

    Ciència I Pseudociència

    Compas d'Amalgama (forthcoming)
  • José Antonio Díez, S. Ginnobili, P. Lorenzano. 2024

    Unification, T-Theoreticity, and Testing: The Case of Fitness in Natural Selection 

  • José Antonio Díez, Javier Suárez. 2023

    How do network explanations explain? A neo-Hempelian approach to network explanations of the ecology of the microbiome

     European Journal for Philosophy of Science  13:44,
  • José Antonio Díez. 2023

    Scientific explanation as ampliative, specialized embedding: New developments

    C. Abreu (ed.), Philosophy of Science in the 21st Century: Contributions of Metatheoretical Structuralism, UFSC, Brasil, 112-130.

  • José Antonio Díez, Albert Sole. 2022

    On the Elusive Formalisation of the Risky Condition for Hypothesis Testing

    International Studies in Philosophy of Science, July 2022
  • José Antonio Díez, Pablo Lorenzano. 2022

    Scientific Explanation as Ampliative, Specialized Embedding: The Case of Clasical Genetics

    Synthese 200-510,

  • José Antonio Díez, C. Ulises Moulines. 2022

    Guiding Principles and Special Laws

    Theoria (Sweden), vol 88, issue 4, 782-794

  • José Antonio Díez, Gonzalo Recio, Christian Carman. 2022

    Does Explaining Past Success Require (Enough) Retention?  The Case Of Ptolemaic Astronomy

    Journal for General Filosofy of Science, July 2022
  • José Antonio Díez. 2021

    Modeling Nature. Review of Frigg and Nguyen "Modeling Nture: An Opinionated Introduction of Scientific Representation"

    The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Review of Books
  • José Antonio Díez, Andrea Iacona. 2021

    Laws, Reasons and Replaceability

    Crítica 53/158, 3-21

  • José Antonio Díez, A. Iacona. 2020

    Fallacies of Love. A Short Philosophical Guide

    Bloomsbury P.
  • José Antonio Díez. 2020

    Modeling as Ensemble-Plus-Standing-For: A Moderate Fictionalist Account            

      A. Cassini and J. Redmond: Models and Idealizations in Science: Fictional and Artifactual Approaches, Springer

  • José Antonio Díez. 2020

    Siete tesis metaestructuralistasralistas

    J. Díez (ed.), Exploraciones Pluralistas. Las Filosofías de  C. Ulises Moulines, UNAM/Tecnos
  • José Antonio Díez. 2019

    An Ensemble-Plus-Standing-For Account of Scientific Modeling: No (Strong) Need for Abstract Objects            

      X. Donato, C. Martínez and J. L. Falguera (eds.), Abstract Objects in Scientific Practice, Synthese Lybrary

  • José Antonio Díez, Nuria S. Miras. 2019

    Recensión de "Las Mentiras de la Ciencia" 

    Crítica 51/151, pp 117-128
  • José Antonio Díez, Karina Alleva, Lucía Federico. 2017

    Conceptual Reconstruction and Epistemic Import: Allosteric Mechanistic Explanations As a Unified Theory-Net


    Crítica, 49.146, pp 5-36
  • José Antonio Díez. 2017

    A (Fatal) Trilemma for Best Theory Realism

    European Journal for Philosophy of Science ,
  • José Antonio Díez, Karina Alleva, Lucia Federico. 2017

    Models, Theory Structure and Mechanisms in Biochmestry: The Case of Allosterism 

    Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Studies in History and
    Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Science, 2017, 63, 1-14 
  • José Antonio Díez. 2016

    Siete tesis metaestructuralistas

    in J. Díez (ed.) Exploraciones Pluralistas. Las filosofías de C. Ulises Moulines, UNAM, México 2016
  • José Antonio Díez, Andrea Iacona. 2016

    Del amor y otros engaños. Breve tratado filosófico sobre razones y pasiones

    AlfaDecay, Barcelona
  • José Antonio Díez, Pablo Lorenzano. 2015

    Are Natural Selection Explanatory Models A Priori?

    Biology and Philosophy 30 (6), 887-809
  • José Antonio Díez, Andrea Iacona. 2015

    Amore a altri inganni. Tratello filosofico su ragioni e passioni

    Indiana, Torino
  • José Antonio Díez, C. Carman. 2015

    Did Ptolemy make novel predictions? Launching geocentrism to the scientific realism debate

    Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A, 52, 20-34
  • José Antonio Díez. 2015

    Counterfactuals, the Discrimination Problem and the Limit Assumption 

    International Journal of Philosophical Studies, 23/1, 85-110
  • José Antonio Díez. 2014

    Scientific explanation as ampliative, specialized embedding: a neo-Hempelian account

    Erkenntnis 79/8, 1413-1443
  • José Antonio Díez, Kareem Kahlifa, Bert Leuridan. 2013

    General theories of explanation: buyers beware

    Synthese 190/3, 379-396.
  • José Antonio Díez, Pablo Lorenzano. 2013

    Who Got What Wrong? Fodor and Piattelli on Darwin: Guiding Principles and Explanatory Models in Natural Selection

    Erkenntnis 78/5, 1143-1175.
  • José Antonio Díez. 2011

    Can we dispense with mimesis in representation? Essay review of R. Frigg and C. Hunter (eds.) Beyond mimesis and convention. Representation in art and science

    Metascience 21/1, 105-110
  • José Antonio Díez. 2010

    On Popper's Strong Inductivism 

    Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A 42, 105-116
  • José Antonio Díez. 2009

    History of Measurement Theory

    in Gallez, C., Lorenzano, P., Ortiz, E. y Rheinberger, H (eds.), History and Philosophy of Science and Technology,  Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS-UNESCO), Oxford 2009, [electronic edition:] 

  • José Antonio Díez. 2007

    Rationality in Normal Science and the Structure of Theories

    Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A 38, 2007 pp. 543 -554.

  • José Antonio Díez. 2006

    Rivalry and Comparability. Looking Outside the Theories

    G. Ernst and K-G Niebergall (eds.), Philosophie der Wissenschaft- Wissenschaft der Philosophie, Mentis, Berlin 2006, 31-50
  • José Antonio Díez. 2005

    The Ramsey Sentence and Theoretical Content

    in M. J. Frapolli (ed.), Belief, Truth and

    Probability. Essays to Mark the Centenary of Frank Plumpton Ramsey's Birth, Continuum, London 2005 pp. 70-103.

  • José Antonio Díez. 2004

    La explicación científica: causalidad, unificación y subsunción teórica

    L. E. Hoyos (ed.), Relativismo y racionalidad, UNC 2004, Bogotá, pp. 283-414
  • José Antonio Díez. 2002

    Explicación, unificación y subsunción

    W. J. González (ed.), Pluralidad de la explicación científica, Ariel, Barcelona 2002, pp. 73-93
  • José Antonio Díez. 2002

    A Program for the Individuation of Scientific Concepts

    Synthese 130, 2002, pp. 13-48
  • José Antonio Díez. 2002

    Possession Conditions for Scientific Concepts

    in C. U. Moulines and K. Niebergall (eds.),

    Argument und Analyse, Mentis, Berlin 2002, pp. 83-108.

  • José Antonio Díez. 2002

    Iniciación a la Lógica

    Ariel, Barcelona
  • José Antonio Díez. 2002

    Measurement Theory

    Geneza, 2002, Kiev, pp. 24-41
  • José Antonio Díez. 2000

    Watermelonsand RedWatermelons. A Case Against Compositionality?

    Theoria, 15/2, San Sebastián, pp 281-285
  • José Antonio Díez. 2000

    Structuralist Analysis of Fundamental Measurement Theories

    in W. Balzer, C. U. Moulines and J. Sneed (eds.), Structuralist Knowledge Representations. Paradigmatic Examples

    Poznan Studies 75, Rodopi, Amsterdam 2000, pp. 19-49.
  • José Antonio Díez. 1999

    A General Representation for Internal Proportional Comparison-combiantorial Systems When the Operation is Not Necessarily Closed

    Theoria 14/1, 1999, pp. 157-178
  • José Antonio Díez. 1998

    Hacia una teoría general de la representación científica

    Theoria, 13/1, San Sebastián, pp. 157-178
  • José Antonio Díez. 1998

    Descripción, prescripción e interpretación

    C. Solís (ed.), Alta tensión: filosofía, sociología e historia de la ciencia, Paidos, Barcelona 1998, pp. 235-258
  • José Antonio Díez, C. U. Moulines. 1998

    Fundamentos de Filosofía de la Ciencia

    Ariel, Barcelona
  • José Antonio Díez. 1997

    The Theory-Net of Interval Measurement Theory

    in A. Ibarra y T. Mormann (eds.),

    Representations of Scientific Rationality, Poznan Studies 61, Rodopi, Amsterdam 1997, pp. 135- 164
  • José Antonio Díez. 1997

    A Hundred Years of Numbers. An Historical Introduction to Measurement Theory. Part II: Suppes and the Mature Theory

    Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 22, 2, 1997 pp. 237-265.

  • José Antonio Díez. 1997

    A Hundred Years of Numbers. An Historical Introduction to Measurement Theory. Part I: The Formation Period

    Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 21, 1, 1997, pp. 167-181.
  • José Antonio Díez, C. U. Moulines. 1994

    Theories as Nets: Combinatorial Measurement Theory

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