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Manolo Martínez

Manolo Martínez

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I am an associate professor (professor agregat), mainly interested in the philosophy of mind and of cognitive science these days (with some philosophy of biology on the side.) For more information about my publications and projects, access to preprints and such, please follow the link below to my personal website.

Selection of Publications

  • Manolo Martínez. 2024

    The Information-Processing Perspective on Categorization

    Forthcoming in Cognitive Science: A Multidisciplinary Journal
  • Manolo Martínez, Luca Barlassina. 2023

    The informational profile of valence: The metasemantic argument for imperativism

    Forthcoming in British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
  • Manolo Martínez, Marc Artiga. 2023

    Neural Oscillations as Representations

    British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 74 (3): 619-648
  • Manolo Martínez, Carlota Serrahima. 2023

    The Experience of Dysmenorrhea

    Synthese, 201(173):1-22.
  • Manolo Martínez, Bence Nanay. 2023

    Many-to-One Intentionalism

    Forthcoming in Journal of Philosophy
  • Manolo Martínez, Miguel Ángel Sebastián. 2023

    Gradualism, Bifurcation, and Fading Qualia

    Forthcoming in Analysis.
  • Manolo Martínez. 2022

    Imperative Transparency

    Mind, 131(522):585-601
  • Manolo Martínez. 2020

    Synergic Kinds

    Synthese, 197(5):1931-1946
  • Manolo Martínez, Marc Artiga, Jonathan Birch. 2020

    The Meaning of Biological Signals

    Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, 84:101348.
  • Manolo Martínez. 2019

    Representations are Rate-Distortion Sweet Spots

    Philosophy of Science, 86(12):1214-1226
  • Manolo Martínez. 2019

    Karen Neander's 'A Mark of the Mental: In Defense of Informational Teleosemantics'

    jNotre Dame Philosophical Reviews
  • Manolo Martínez. 2019

    Usefulness Drives Representations to Truth

    Grazer Philosophische Studien, 96(3):319-341
  • Manolo Martínez, Abel Suñé. 2019

    Real Patterns and Indispensability

    Synthese, 198(5):4315–4330
  • Manolo Martínez. 2019

    Deception as Cooperation

    Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, 77: 101184
  • Manolo Martínez, Colin Klein. 2018

    Imperativism and Pain Intensity

    Philosophy of Pain – Unpleasantness, Emotion, and Deviance (eds. D. Bain, M. Brady and J. Corns), Routledge.
  • Manolo Martínez, Peter Godfrey-Smith . 2016

    Common Interest and Signaling Games: A Dynamic Perspective

    Philosophy of Science, 83(3):371-392
  • Manolo Martínez, Marc Artiga. 2016

    The Organizational Account of Function is an Etiological Account of Function

    Acta Biotheoretica, 64 (2):105-117
  • Manolo Martínez, Colin Klein. 2016

    Pain Signals are Predominantly Imperative

    Biology & Philosophy, 31 (2):283-298
  • Manolo Martínez. 2015

    Modalizing Mechanisms

    Journal of Philosophy, 112 (12):658-670
  • Manolo Martínez. 2015

    Pains as Reasons

    Philosophical Studies, 172 (9):2261-2274
  • Manolo Martínez. 2015

    Disgusting Smells and Imperativism

    Journal of Consciousness Studies, 22 (5-6):191-200
  • Manolo Martínez. 2015

    Deception in Sender-Receiver Games

    Erkenntnis, 80:215-227
  • Manolo Martínez. 2015

    Informationally-Connected Property Clusters, and Polymorphism

    Biology & Philosophy, 30 (1):99-117
  • Manolo Martínez. 2013

    Teleosemantics and Indeterminacy

    Dialectica, 67 (4):427-453
  • Manolo Martínez, Peter Godfrey-Smith. 2013

    Communication and Common Interest

    PLOS Computational Biology, 9 (11):e1003282
  • Manolo Martínez. 2013

    Ideal Negative Conceivability and the Halting Problem

    Erkenntnis, 78 (5):979-990
  • Manolo Martínez. 2013

    Teleosemantics and Productivity

    Philosophical Psychology, 26 (1):47-68
  • Manolo Martínez. 2011

    Imperative Content and the Painfulness of Pain

    Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, 10 (1):67-90
  • Manolo Martínez. 2011

    Traveling in Branching Time

    Disputatio, 4 (31):271-287