Research Group in Analytic Philosophy

Michele Palmira

Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Beatriu de Pinos)

LOGOS Research Group in Analytic Philosophy

Department of Philosophy

Faculty of Philosophy

University of Barcelona 

Michele Palmira



University of Barcelona

Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy Espai de Recerca

C/Montalegre 6, 08001, Barcelona 


Curriculum Vitae

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I obtained my PhD from the University of Modena in 2013. My supervisor was Annalisa Coliva. During my PhD I was a research visitor at the Institut Jean Nicod, the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee and the University of Barcelona. Since 2009, I am a member of COGITO Research Centre in Analytic Philosophy (Bologna).

Before joining LOGOS, I held postdoctoral positions at the University of Modena (2013-2014) and at McGill University (2014-2015).

I work mainly in epistemology and the philosophies of language and mind. I'm interested in disagreement, relativism, objectivity, singular thoughts, first-person judgements, propositions, expert deference, inquiry, and doxastic attitudes.

Drafts of my papers are available on my academia.edu webpage. 

Selection of Publications

  • Michele Palmira. 2018

    Arithmetic judgements, first-person judgements and immunity to error through misidentification

     Review of Philosophy and Psychology, online first, DOI: 10.1007/s13164-018-0395-2.
  • Michele Palmira. 2018

    Arbitrary reference, numbers, and propositions

    European Journal of Philosophy, online first doi: 10.1111/ejop.12367
  • Michele Palmira. 2018

    Philosophical equilibrism, rationality, and the commitment challenge

    Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, online first, DOI: 10.1093/arisoc/aoy019 

  • Michele Palmira. 2018

    Disagreement, credences, and outright belief

    Ratio, 31(2): 179-196.

  • Michele Palmira. 2018

    How to solve the puzzle of peer disagreement

    American Philosophical Quarterly, forthcoming
  • Michele Palmira. 2017

    Towards a pluralist theory of singular thought

    Synthese, DOI 10.1007/s11229-017-1401-4 
  • Michele Palmira. 2017

    How to be a pluralist about disagreement 

    in A. Coliva and N.J.L.L. Pedersen (eds.) Epistemic Pluralism, London: Palgrave: 285-316 

  • Michele Palmira, Cory Davia. 2015

    Moral deference and deference to an epistemic peer

     The Philosophical Quarterly, 65(261): 605-625 

  • Michele Palmira. 2015

    How to Condorcet a Goldman

    Episteme, 12(3): 413-425 

  • Michele Palmira. 2015

    The semantic significance of faultless disagreement 

    Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, 96(3): 349-371 

  • Michele Palmira. 2015

    Why truth-relativists should be non-conformists 

    Acta Analytica, 30(3): 239- 247 

  • Michele Palmira. 2014


    Il disaccordo. Riflessione critica tra epistemologia e filosofia del linguaggio (in Italian).

    Roma: Aracne

  • Michele Palmira, Delia Belleri. 2013

    Towards a unified notion of disagreement 

    Grazer Philosophische Studien, 88: 139-159 

  • Michele Palmira. 2013

    A puzzle about the agnostic response to peer disagreement 

    Philosophia: Philosophical Quarterly of Israel, 41(4): 1253-1261 

  • Michele Palmira. 2013

    On the necessity of the evidential equality condition for epistemic peerage 

    Logos & Episteme, 4(1): 113-123