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in Analytic Philosophy

Mireia López

Assistant Professor & PhD student at the Departament of Philosophy in the University of Girona. LOGOS Junior Member
Mireia López





Curriculum Vitae

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I obtained my BA with Honors Prize in Philosophy from the University of Girona. I got my DEA (Advanced Research Diploma) (MA in Philosophy) in 2007 with a research work entitled Scepticism: Challenge or Paradox under the supervision of Josep Lluís Prades (UdG).

I'm currently a PhD student in the Programme of Social Sciences and Culture in the speciality of Philosophy of Language and Cogntive Science and partial time associate professor for the University of Girona. Since 2006 I'm working on my dissertation under the supervision of Josep Lluís Prades (UdG) i Sven Rosenkranz (ICREA-UB) on questions related to the structure of perceptual justification.

I'm a member of the research group LOGOS (Grup de Recerca en Lògica, Llenguatge i Cognició) (SGR05-00734) and FILOSOFIA (UdG) and I also participate in the funded project PERSP Consolider Ingenio (PERSP).

I'm mainly interested (but not only) in Epistemology, more concretely issues concerning the structure of justification, perception, externalist-internalist debate on justification, etc. I'm also interested in Philosophy of Science (causation, explanation, etc).