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Nasim Mahoozi

Nasim Mahoozi

After a long journey, I defended my Ph.D. in CCIL(cognitive science and language) on January 11, 2023, at the University of Barcelona. The title of my Ph.D. thesis is ¨ Philosophy of Vagueness: a Topological Perspective¨ and it is written under the supervision of Dr. Thomas Mormann and Dr. José Martínez Fernández and my tutor was Dr. Manuel García Carpintero. I am deeply grateful for what they did for me. I moved to San Sebastián to learn topology and apply it to vagueness under the supervision of Thomas Mormann at the University of Basque Country, UPV/EHU where I had the opportunity to work as an investigator.

My doctoral research investigates the application of topology on vagueness. In particular, I take a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses philosophy, logic, and topology to deal with vague concepts, to overcome the hurdle of the Sorites paradox, and to introduce topology to philosophers. I hold a master’s degree in philosophy of science from Sharif University, Tehran, Iran. My dissertation was on the application of Lakatos’ research methodology on symbolic and nonsymbolic artificial intelligence. Also, I completed my M.A. under the supervision of Manuel García Carpintero in cognitive science and language as a LOGOS member at the University of Barcelona.  I obtained my B.A. in mathematics from Tehran University, Iran.  Among other fields, I am mainly interested in vagueness, logic, topology, their philosophical applications, and subsequently, turning philosophers’ attention to the importance of topological approaches. Also, I am interested in the philosophy of mind, conceptual spaces, cognitive science, mereology, and artificial intelligence.

You can find the joint manuscript paper of me and Thomas Mormann, titled: “Some higher-order Vagueness in Williamson's 'logic of clarity” in: