Research Group
in Analytic Philosophy

Second Workshop on Worlds and Truth Values

Ramon Llull Seminar (UB), 10 - 11 June 2024, Barcelona


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Monday June 10th

10-11 Elia Zardini: Totality=Every; Dependence=Some; Choice=Any; Chance=A Certain.

11-11.15 Break

11.15-12.15 David Fernández Duque: The topology of surprise. (Joint work with Alexandru Baltag and Nick Bezhanishvili.)
12.15-13.15 Pilar Terrés: Connecting two routes to relevance.

15.15-16.15 Sergi Oms: A Dialetheist Solution to The Problem of Change.
16.15-17.15 Andreas Kapsner: Reflections on FDE and aesthetics.


Tuesday June 11th

10-11 Joost Joosten: An attempt at disentangling logical and semantical necessity. (Ongoing work with Iris van der Giessen and Paul Mayaux.)

11-11.15 Break

11.15-12.15 Carlos Benito: Logical localism between minimality and collapse.

12.15-13.15 Discussion. New projects and collaborations.

Presenters: J. Martínez-Fernández and J. Valor.
Discussants: C. Benito, D. Fernández Duque, J. Joosten, A. Kapsner,
G. Martí, S. Oms, P. Terrés, E, Zardini.

We acknowledge the support of the MICINN, the Department of Philosophy of the UB and
the Logos Research Group.