Research Group
in Analytic Philosophy

Recent Theses


Pilar Terrés. Thesis: “Substructural logics and pragmatic enrichment”, supervised by José Martínez Fernández.

Roger Deulofeu. Thesis: “Scientific explanation in biology. Beyond mechanistic explanation”, supervised by José Antonio Díez.

Javier Suárez. Theis: “Methodological strategies in contemporary symbiosis research and their historical roots: From mechanistic to non-mechanistic modes of explanation”, supervised by José Antonio Díez and John Dupré.

Matheus Valente. Thesis: “Thinking Alike – Five Essays on the Publicity of Thought”, supervised by Manuel García-Carpintero and Josep Macià.



Samuele Chilovi. Thesis: "Grounding Legal Reality, supervised by Dan López de Sa and Josep Joan Moreso.

Carlota Serrahima. Thesis: "My Body is the Subject's Body. In Defence of Experientialism about the Sense of Bodily Ownership", supervised by Manuel García-Carpintero and Francesc Perenya.



Laura Delgado Aqueveque. Thesis: "David, Some Davids, and All Davids: Reference, Category Change, and Bearerhood Of Real-Life Names", supervised by Manuel García-Carpintero.

Romina Zuppone. Thesis: "The Experimenters’ Regress: A Conceptual and Historical Evaluation", supervised by José Antonio Díez Calzada.



Aurélien Darbellay. Thesis: "Writing social reality into the book of the world", supervised by Dan López de Sa and José Antonio Díez Calzada.

Chiara Panizza. Thesis: "Fictional Names and Fictional Discourse", supervised by Josep Macià and Manuel García-Carpintero.

Claudia Picazo. Thesis: "An Approach to Occasion-sensitivity", supervised by Manuel Pérez Otero.



Ivan Milic. Thesis: "Asserting as Commitment to Knowing. An Essay on the Normativity of Assertion", supervised by Manuel García-Carpintero and Sven Rosenkranz.

Mireia López Amo. Thesis: "El Dogmatismo y el Problema de la Extrema Liberalidad", supervised by Josep Lluís Prades and Sven Rosenkranz. 

Giulia Pravato. Thesis: "The Meaning and Use of Normative Language", supervised by Luigi Perissinotto and Max Kölbel

David Rey. Thesis: "Expressibility and Multiple Indexing", supervised by Max Kölbel and Josep Macià.

Sergi Oms. Thesis: "On Common Solutions to the Liar and the Sorites", supervised by José Martínez and Manuel García-Carpintero.



John Horden. Thesis: "Composites", supervised by Dan López de Sa.

Giovanni Merlo. Thesis: "The World As I Found It: A Subjectivist Metaphysics of the Mental", supervised by Sven Rosenkranz y John Hawthorne.

Adrian Briciu. Thesis: "Context and compositionality: An essay in metasemantics", supervised by Max Kölbel.

Andrei Moldovan. Thesis: "The Literal Meaning of Definite Descriptions", supervised by Max Kölbel.



Stefan Reining. Thesis: "Apriority and Colour Inclusion", supervised by Genoveva Martí. 



Marc Artiga. Thesis: "A Naturalistic Theory of Intentional Content", supervised by David Pineda.

Fernando Broncano-Berrocal : "Luck and the Control Theory of Knowledge", supervised by Joan Pagès and Manuel Pérez Otero.

Marta Jorba. Thesis: "Cognitive Phenomenology: A Non-Reductive Account", supervised by Manuel García-Carpintero and Francesc Pereña.

Laura Ortega. Thesis: "La determinación de la referencia de los términos para artefactos", supervised by Genoveva Martí.

Mirja Pérez de Calleja. Thesis: "The Problem of Free Will and Determinism: An Incompatibilist-Friendly View", supervised by Josep Lluís Prades. 


Gonçalo Santos. Thesis: "Reconstructing Generality Relativism", supervised by José Martínez.

Laura Natalia Pérez Pérez. Thesis: "Ascriptions in context. An experimental yabanc? dizi izle Study on the Context-sensitivity of Belief Reports", supervised by Genoveva Martí


Andi Pietz. Thesis: "Logics and Falsifications", supervised by Genoveva Martí, Sven Rosenkranz and Heinrich Wansing.

Fiora Salis. Thesis: "Fictional Names", supervised by Manuel García-Carpintero.
Miguel A. Sebastián. Thesis: “Self-involving representationalism (SIR): a naturalistic theory of phenomenal consciousness”, supervised by David Pineda.

David Suárez Rivero. Thesis: "Frege y el fenómeno del valor cognitivo", supervised by Genoveva Martí.

Dan Zeman. Thesis: “The Semantics of Implicit Content”, supervised by Josep Macià and Genoveva Martí.

Lorenzo Baravalle. Thesis: “Evolución cultural y adaptación", supervised by José A Díez
Ekain Garmendia. Thesis: “Auto-conocimiento, memoria y racionalidad”, supervised by Manuel Pérez Otero
Manolo Martínez. Thesis: “A Naturalistic Account of Content and an Application to Modal Epistemology”, supervised by David Pineda.

José Chaves. Thesis “Semántica, pragmática y racionalidad. La factorización del significado”, supervised by Josep Macià.
Marta Campdelacreu, “Fourdimensionalism Scrutinized”, supervised by Manuel García-Caprintero.
Sònia Roca. Thesis: “Essential Properties: Existence and Knowability”, supervised by Manuel García-Carpintero.
Pablo Rychter, “Persistence Through Time and Temporal Exemplification”, supervised by Manuel García-Carpintero