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Molecular Biology of Reproduction and Development



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Research lines: proteomic and molecular characterization of sperm cells and seminal fluid and implications for normal sperm cell function and dysfunction in infertile patients and in early embryo development

We are currently focussing on the genomic, epigenomic, transcriptomic and proteomic study of the male germinal cell line and the mature spermatozoa with the aims of uncovering the fundamental mechanisms needed for male fertility and identifying the molecular causes of infertility. Current and past research lines together with some selected representative publications are listed below.

Sperm cell proteome characterization and function

Sperm proteomic alterations in infertile males

Epigenetic potential of the sperm cell and stemm cells

Spermatozoan RNAs

Protamine structure, function evolution and dysfunction in infertile patients

Metabolism of the sperm cell

Genetic changes associated to male infertility