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Molecular Biology of Reproduction and Development



PhD, Postdoctoral, and Master training

PhD and Postdoctorals:  currently we do not have any new openings to offer PhD and Postdoctoral contracts, except for already posted positions in different calls. However, eventualy in the future we may have the possibility to incorportate new members. Therefore if you are really motivated for reproductive biology and are interested in our research lines, you are invited to send us your CV. We may be able to inform you informed on any potential future openings and support your candidacy in potential national or international fellowship applications.

Master training: If you are interested in developing your experimental master project we can accept one master student per year.

Project: Sperm cell differential proteomics, epigenetics and identification of diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers in assisted reproduction.

Ideal candidates:
1. Intererest in our research model and highly motivated for research.
2. Positive attitude and hard working habits.
2. Practical experience and scientific publications will be a plus.
3. Languages: preferably with a fluent english knowledge.
4. Good academic record will be positive.

Interested candidates are invited to send us the CV to:
Dr. Rafael Oliva (roliva@ub.edu)
Genetics Unit, Faculty of Medicine-Hospital Clínic, IDIBAPS-University of Barcelona.
C/ Casanova 143, 08036 Barcelona, Spain.
More information Tel: 93 4021877