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Molecular Biology of Reproduction and Development



Organizers of the 21st European Testis Workshop 2021 (ETW2021) as a Virtual Edition

Participation in the International Andrology 2020 (12th International, 11th European and 32nd German Congress of Andrology from 5–9 December, online) meeting in Munster; Germany. Dr. Meritxell Jodar received the award for her presentation in the experimental field, entitled "Unique features of human sperm circular RNAs (circRNAs)" .

Participation of the team in the Chromatin and Epigenetics meeting of the Societat Catalana de Biologia (2019) in Barcelona, Spain.

Surprise birthday (2019) and lab celebrations.


Participation of some of the team members in the European Testis Workshop (2018/05/23-27) in Obidos, Portugal.

Group Photo (2017/03/22) taken at the entrance of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona where our lab is located.


Third REPRO-TRAIN Training Workshop entitled "Biomedical Application and Transfer of Knowledge Opportunities" asted for one full week from 6-10th July 2015 in Barcelona.

Our fellows spent an intensive workshop week in which they had the opportunity to gain knowledge on Biomedical applications and Transfer of Knowledge in the Biotech field. They received talks on what considerations should be taken into account when founding a biotech start-up, on intellectual property rights, on the issues that need to be considered for the valuation of the output of research as well the Technology Transfer process to the Industry and on how doing science is similar and how it is different in academy and in biotech companies, focusing on  the factors that determine success in both environments.

The first set of REPRO-TRAIN (www.reprotrain.eu) training workshops took place on June 2013 and focused on Proteomics, Epigenetics, Transcriptomics and Sperm Phenotypic Assessment. It consisted of a series of hands on training sessions limited to the REPRO-TRAIN fellows and of several oral sessions open to all the community outside the REPRO-TRAIN consortium.


The REPROTRAIN Kick-off Meeting took place on March 17th 2012 at the IDIBAPS in Barcelona. A welcome introduction was offered by the coordinator, Rafael Oliva, highlighting the importance of providing a comprehensive interdisciplinary systems biology based training to the fellows in the field of Reproductive Biology and Andrology, with the aim to acquire relevant fundamental knowledge and to develop novel clinical and industrial applications. All partners presented their current scientific goals and interests in order to confirm or slightly modify the initially proposed ESR/ER projects and collaborative secondments. From left to right: Csilla Krausz (Italy), Renate Renkawitz-Phol (Germany), Rafael Oliva (Spain), Willy Baarends (The Netherlands), Terry Corbitt (UK), Sheena Lewis (UK), David Miller (UK), Sophie Rousseaux (France), Tamara Maes (Spain) and Valeria de Azcoitia (Spain).

Reprotrain consortium members



Weekly lab seminars every Friday: we alternate laboratory seminars with journal club seminars. The specific calendar and planning are available for internals and upon request (roliva@ub.edu).

Social activities: we also perform different social activities in the institution and occasionally outside







Congress attendance: every year we participate in different international and national congress and meetings.

7th European Congress of Andrology, 2012 (Berlin)


XII Jornades Biologia de la Reproducció, 2011 (Barcelona)



16th European Testis Workshop, 2010 (Elba, Italy)



6th European Congress of Andrology, 2010 (Athens)



International Congress of Andrology, 2009 (Barcelona)