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Drug and target discovery for biomedical science

The Institute of Biomedicine of the University of Barcelona (IBUB) is a transversal research unit formed by some 40 groups from the Faculties of Biology, Pharmacy and Chemistry. The IBUB was created in 2006 with the aim of identifying, beyond the traditional academic structures (departments and faculties) a set of laboratories with complementary scientific activity, capable of generating synergies.

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One of the key strengths of IBUB is its ability to successfully transfer knowledge to society



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The Institute of Biomedicine brings together highly qualified biomedical research personnel working in groups renowned for their excellence, and its founding collective’s indicators in scientific production and the raising of resources testify to the IBUB’s benchmark status in biomedical research in both Catalonia and the rest of Europe.

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IBUB is comprised of research groups actively coordinated in the form of differents programs and nodes

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IBUB consists of different specialized research groups


Obesity Day 2022 Workshop. Research for a future without obesity

Molecular Metabolism and Disease Lab - #activatugrasaparda #activaelteuteixitadipósmarró


December 15, 2022




Hall Prevosti (Fac. Biology)

Harnessing Thermogenic Fat to Uncouple Obesity from Comorbid Diseases

Paul Cohen - Albert Resnick, M.D., Laboratory of Molecular Metabolism, The Rockefeller University, NY, USA


November 11, 2022




Sala Juntes (Fac. Ciències de la Terra)

Neuronal excitation- inhibition imbalance. A tale of membrane transporters in brain health and disease

Elena Bossi - Department of Biotechnology and Life Sciences, Università degli Studi dell'Insubria, Italy


November 10, 2022




Aula 15, Fac. Biologia

Article of the month

Eloy Pena-Rodríguez, Laura García-Vega, Maria Lajarin Reinares, Marçal Pastor-Anglada, Sandra Pérez-Torras, and Francisco Fernandez-Campos

Molecular Pharmaceutics

Latanoprost-Loaded Nanotransfersomes Designed for Scalp Administration Enhance Keratinocytes Proliferation

Latanoprost (LAT) has been shown to have a hypertrichotic effect, which makes it a promising candidate for alopecia treatments. For the first time, LAT has been encapsulated in nanotransfersomes in order to increase its efficacy. Ex vivo skin biodistribution was studied by confocal laser microscopy both in human scalp and pig skin. Results showed that nanotransfersomes increase the penetration of two different fluorochromes, with similar patterns in both species, compared with fluorochrome solutions containing no nanotransfersomes. Nanotransfersomes were stable under accelerated conditions (40 °C/75% RH) and long-term conditions (25 °C/60% RH) for up to 1 year, with no differences in vesicle size and polydispersity when LAT was loaded. Nanotransfersomes increased the LAT cell proliferation effect in HaCaT cell via MAPK signaling pathway. Collectively, our results demonstrate LAT-nanotransfersomes formulation could be a promising therapy for hair growth disorders.


FINAL resolution published – Call for 6 research initiation grants

Data límit

13/10 to 26/10 - General terms: a) To be in a position to enroll in doctoral studies in the 2022-2023 academic year. b) Proof of affiliation with an IBUB research group - Information and application by Seu Electrònica UB. Final resolution: https://seu.ub.edu/ajutsPublic/showPublicacion/345685

Resolució definitiva: Borsa de viatges IBUB: 12th Summer School on Medicines (SSM12)

Data límit

20/5/2022 - L'UB, a través de l'IBUB com a una de les institucions organitzadores, ofereix 8 borses de viatge, amb un valor de 600€ cadascuna. Podran participar-hi investigadors pre-docs i post-docs que formin part d’un grup de recerca de l’IBUB. Resolució definitiva: https://seu.ub.edu/taulerAnuncisPublic/showPublicacion/300252?cat.id=804


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