The “Molecular Metabolism and Disease” team leads dissemination activities in “The Day of Obesity” organized by SEEDO, to highlight the importance of brown fat research to combat obesity effectively

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The Spanish Society of Obesity (SEEDO) organized the “The Day of Obesity” in Spain last December 15. A highlight was dissemination of the importance of research on brown adipose tissue activity, why it is protective against obesity and associated diseases, and how current research envisage the identification of new tools for therapeutic activation of brown fat.

Ruben Cereijo and Marta Giralt from our research team organized an open session to public volunteers for non-invasive assessment of brown fat activity using infrared thermography as well as dissemination of the importance of brown fat in the premises of the Faculty of Biology in the University of Barcelona.

Dozens of students, academic staff and other personnel participated to check their brown fat activity levels.

Francesc Villarroya acted as spokesman in a press conference in Madrid organized by SEEDO to highlight the current status and importance of brown adipose tissue research. The “Day of Obesity” activities by SEEDO have had this year an outstanding coverage in the Spanish media, highlighting the importance of research to achieve a successful therapeutic and preventive actions on obesity and the promising research involving brown fat.