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Award finalists Catalan Society of Biology dissamination
Finalists:Guia il·lustrada per a conèixer els arbres

Jaume + info

The bug who confront God
EL PAIS has wrote an article about the publication of  Albalat and + info
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A study reveals the impact of the giant reed on the ground arthropods

The new project is led by the experts Alberto Maceda Veiga, from the + info

+ info29.04.2016.

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+ info19.04.2016.
Course: Diversity and Vegetation Ecology High Mountain
Introduction to plant ecology in the mountains, a complex and + info
+ info13.04.2016.
Spatial ecology and conservation of seabirds facing climate change and overfishing
Researcher: David Grémillet
Place: Aula de graus
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