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IRBio News
New IRBio youtube channel
We release youtube channel, where we will gradually upload the reports made to the different members of the Institute, + info
A study analyzes the barriers in the gene flow among marine species in the Mediterranean
Conclusions of a study published in the journal + info
Environmental preservation and innovation: 25 years of LIFE+ projects in the UB
This year is the 25th anniversary of this milestone, which coincided + info
REgarding the governance of the natural heritage of Catalonia
Press the organizations and individuals adhering to the Declaration in favor of the natural heritage of Catalonia - 31 + info
+ info16.06.2017.
Sustentabilidad y sistemas pecuarios: Estudios de caso en el Centro de México

Ponent:  Carlos González
+ info
+ info13.06.2017.
"The nematode Pristionchus pacificus, a model organism for linking Ecology and Evolution"

Dr. Eduardo Moreno
Max Planck Institute for Developmental
+ info

+ info12.06.2017.

+ info
More + info

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