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JOptics Course
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Grup d'Innovació Docent en Òptica Física i Fotònica
Departament de Física Aplicada i Òptica
Universitat de Barcelona

Martí i Franquès 1
08028 Barcelona
Phone:+34 93 402 11 43
Fax:+34 93 403 92 19

E-mail: optics (at)

Latest updates

Date Update
New Applet: Optical Tweezers
02/05/10New e-mail address: optics (at)
10/11/06 The Javaoptics applets are now available through Launcher
29/05/06 Polarization applet updated, with a correction in conductors' reflection coefficients
24/05/06 Fabry Perot applet updated with a new version
26/04/06 Optical fibers applet updated with a corrected version
06/10/05 The Light dispersió applet is fully accesible and there's a first version of the eye model one
29/06/05 New JavaOptics web design
07/04/05 Polarization applet updated, with a slight change in total internal reflection
01/03/05 Multiple beam interference applet updated (documentation)
17/02/05 Ray tracing applet updated, with some corrections and complete documentation, which was also added in the web page
08/10/04 From now on there is no need of a registration to access all the course contents
23/04/04 Young's experiment documentation and applets updated
18/03/04 Multiple Beam Interference and Fabry-Perot documentation and applets updated
26/02/04 Fresnel and Fraunhofer diffraction applet documentation was enclosed
01/12/03 Multiple Beam Interference and Fabry-Perot applets updated, with a few corrections
28/11/03 New Fresnel and Fraunhofer diffraction applet, which totally modifies the last version
03/11/03 Polarization and Fresnel laws applet updated, with a few corrections
23/10/03 Fourier Optics applet updated, with a few corrections. (It can be run from the browser again)
22/09/03 Ray tracing applet documentation was enclosed (in Spanish)
16/06/03 Ray tracing applet updated, with a few visualization corrections
10/06/03 Michelson interferometer applet updated, with documentation
05/06/03 Ray tracing, Young's experiment, Fourier Optics and Polarization and Fresnel laws applets updated
22/05/03 Applets can be run with Java WebStart (jre 1.3+)* or from the browser
* Applets optimized for jre 1.3
08/04/03 Fabry-Perot interferometer applet was added