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JOptics Course
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Grup d'Innovació Docent en Òptica Física i Fotònica
Departament de Física Aplicada i Òptica
Universitat de Barcelona

Martí i Franquès 1
08028 Barcelona
Phone:+34 93 402 11 43
Fax:+34 93 403 92 19

E-mail: optics (at)

Brief description of the Course

JOptics is an ensemble of teaching resources for Physical Optics at university level as part of physics or optics and optometry studies. Some of the resources can also be used by high school teachers or students to illustrate and broaden knowledge on some aspects of physics at this teaching level. The resources may be used either in an ordinary course as support material or as the main working tool in an on-line Internet course.

The Course was developed by the members of the Grup d'Innovació Docent en Òptica Física i Fotònica. This group was recognized as an innovation group by the University of Barcelona in the year 2000. The project was funded by the Departament d'Universitats, Recerca i Societat de la Informació of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Ajuts per al finançament de projectes per a la millora de la qualitat docent a les Universitats de Catalunya, DOGC-3453 and 2003MQD-00138) and by the University of Barcelona (Programa de Millora i Innovació Docent, projecte 11/III/MM-Eva/34/CARN).

"The JOptics Course" obtained the first prize for "Physics+Mathematics in Action", in the category "Physics Computer Didactic Materials", awarded by La Real Sociedad Española de Física and La Real Sociedad Matemática Española, in September 2003, on the occasion of the 2003 European Science and Technology Week.

The material of this Course is the property of the University of Barcelona and it reserves some rights. Nevertheless, the access to the Course and the use of its resources for education purposes is free.