The 9, 10 and 11 July 2014 takes place in Hangar the Workshop (Workshop on interdisciplinary research and knowledge transfer), directed by Josep Perelló (OpenSystems – University of Barcelona) and promoted by Hangar and Grid Spinoza within the frame of the European projectSoftControl.


The workshop is one more step preparation of a protocol for the interdisciplinary research. The protocol was initiated by Hangar in 2013 and has the purpose to offer tools for the transfer of Knowledge and a theoretical framework for institutions, research groups, creatives, scientists and different agents involved in a transdisciplinary context by the analysis and debate of diverse workplaces for experiences and visions of interdisciplinary practices.

WIRKT has serveral work sessions restricted to the public and. It is divided into five sessions:


  1. Documents, contexts and interdisciplinary knowledge transfer policies.
  2. Methodologies for Interdisciplinary Knowledge Transfer.
  3. Assessment Systems.
  4. Economics of Interdisciplinary Knowledge Transfer.
  5. Wrap-up session.

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Grid Spinoza

Soft Control (EU project)