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This observatory is a research platform for all researchers that are interested in the evaluation of public policies aimed at the sustainability of the Long Term Care system in Spain. We collect reports, research analyses, datasets and material that may be helpful to develop qualitative and quantitative studies on the evolution of LTC protection schemes.

We hope to be able to provide interesting resources and create research synergies. We also aim to encourage debate with policymakers, providers and users of care.


2015 Summer Workshop on The Evaluation of Public Policies for Sustainable Long-term Care.

Valencia The Workshop was held in Valencia on July 3, 2015. The workshop was open to researchers and experts in long-term care. Here is the program.
Here is general information.
Here are the presentations of the speakers.

Long Term Care funding: Is there potential for public-private partnership?

Workshop Oct. 30 2013: A. Comas-Herrera (PPSRU, LSE) participates in the IV International Congress on Dependency and Quality of Life organized by Edad&Vida. See more...

Evaluation of public policies for Sustainable Long-Term Care.

Workshop Jul. 04 2013: Organized by Riskcenter in collaboration with the International Long-Term Care Policy Network aims to provide a forum for researchers in the field. See more...



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