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Bachelor's degree final projects

José Albarral Zamora
About the atentional bias and the manly corporal image. A survey of virtual reality and eye tracker
Academic course: 2019/2020

Mar Clua i Sánchez
Body-related attentional bias in anorexia nervosa and body dissatisfaction in females: An eye-tracking and virtual reality study
Academic course: 2019/2020
Xavier Gómez i González
Attentional bias in men with high and low obsession with body fatness
Academic course: 2019/2020

Adrià Valverde Alirangues
Research of the relation among the sensation of presence and the anxiety at participants after passing for some virtual acrophobic surroundings.
Academic course: 2018/2019
Montagud Rubio, Nahum
Modifying the alterations of the corporal image and of the corporal anxiety through possessing different type of avatars: comparative Survey of virtual reality.
Academic course: 2018/2019
Siham Ijjou Kadiri
Does my body decide where to look? Influence of the lateral dominance with regard to the own body at the visual preference. A survey of virtual reality and follow-up of the gaze.
Academic course: 2018/2019
Pedro Cañas Bermejo
Really look us the body when does not like us or eschew to do it? Behaviour of avoidance and his relation with the anxiety to parts of the body
Academic course: 2018/2019
Aina Manzano Torra
Investigation of the relation among the corporal satisfaction and the anxiety at patients with traumatic amputation of the right inferior member
Academic course: 2018/2019
Caterina Bellido Carratalà
Relationship between anxiety, self-confidence and the perception of success in a virtual reality representation of penalty kicks.
Academic course: 2017/2018
Alba Vallvé Romeu
How body dissatisfaction influences in the visual attention toward weight-related body parts, using a virtual reality paradigm
Academic course: 2017/2018
Laura López Jiménez
Differences in body-related attention between men and women
Academic course: 2017/2018

Carla del Campo Bernal
Validation of virtual reality environments for the treatment of fear of darkness
Academic course: 2016/2017

Beatrice Paso Baar-Baarenfels
Distortion of body image during virtual exposure to increased weight
Academic course: 2016/2017

Albert Carol Gordó
Ansiedad y percepción de autoeficacia en el futbolista: aproximación a través del lanzamiento de penaltis en Realidad Virtual.
Curso Académico: 2016/2017
Patricia Garrido Pacheco
Validation of a virtual environment forassessment video game addiction
Academic course: 2015/2016

David Ruiz Garcia
Evaluation of blood and injections phobia with Virtual Reality
Academic course: 2015/2016

Bernat Fisas Sanarau
Treatment of fear of darkness with Virtual Reality
Academic course: 2014/2015

Esther López Gras
Validation of two virtual environments for evaluate the abuse of internet and networks
Academic course: 2014/2015

Éric Rodríguez Richter
Validación de un entorno virtual para la Fibromialgia en una población sana
Academic course: 2014/2015

Tempus elit non
Evaluation of compulsive buying by an approach-avoidance virtual reality task.

Bruno Porras García
Modificación de la ansiedad ante las arañas mediante psicoeducación y exposición virtual
Curs Académic: 2013/2014

Correa García, Verónica
Exercici de mindfulness amb realitat virtual. Relació entre mindfulness i engagement.
Curs Académic: 2013/2014

Chantal Lobera Espí
Tratamiento de Hematofobia con Realidad Virtual. Estudio de caso
Curs Académic: 2013/2014

Juan Armero Mougan
Ostracism-produced anxiety among the young in a virtual reality environment
Curs Académic: 2012/2013

Joan González-Conde Cantero
Using Virtual Reality in the recognition of facial emotions in healthy participants and patients with schizophrenia diagnosed
Academic course: 2011/2012

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