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Team Lead

Jordi Juárez-Jiménez

Lecturer, March 2020 -
Marie Sklodowska-Curie Alumni
A full CV is available here.

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Team Members

Beste Ozaydin

PhD student co-supervised with Prof. Curutchet. Working on target characterization of I2 ligands.

  • Bachelor in Chemistry, Bogazici University (Turkey)

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Master and Bachelor Students

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Open Positions

We don’t have funded positions at the moment. Nevertheless we welcome expressions of interest from prospective candidates at all levels to pursue funding opportunities. Please send an email to Jordi Juarez.

Applications for PhD and Postdoc positions

If there is no specific opening advertise take a look at some of the following opportunities for PhD students:

And for Postdocs:

If you get confused navigating the Spanish system of postdoctoral fellowships (Who could blame you?!) just get in touch

Generally if you are looking for postdoc funding, there is a great resource for fellowships/fundinding opportunities around the world: postdoc funding schemes

Undergraduate student projects

We offer 2 Treballs de fi de grau (TFGs) a l’ensenyament farmacia

  • Exploring the applicability of Alphafold models to drug design
  • Isothermal Titration Calorimetry: Physicochemical principles and applications to drug discovery (Bibliographic)

Information about inscription and admission can be found here

If you are a Pharmacy Student at the University of Barcelona and you are interested in developing your own TFG subject just get in touch

Summer student projects

Former visitors, BSc/ MSc students

Bachelor Students

Master students

Ania Di Pede Matatelli

Jorge Duro