We strive to understand molecular recognition processes and to use this knowledge to design new molecules with practical applications. Our ultimate goal is to have a positive impact on people’s lives.

The group has two main lines of research that are complementary and cross-fertilise:

  1. Discovery of molecules with novel mechanisms of action.
  2. Development of more effective tools for structure-based drug design. 

Multidisciplinarity is a wonderful characteristic of drug discovery, and we take pride in our collaborations, they are essential and truly enriching. Our close ties with the Galdeano lab enable us to integrate biophysical, medicinal chemistry, and molecular and cell biology techniques in our research projects.

Some of our ideas have moved beyond the boundaries of academia. Basic research leads to translation research, which leads to initiatives such as Minoryx Therapeutics, Gain Therapeutics, or Oniria Therapeutics.


Xavier Barril

 Xavier Barril


ICREA Research Professor

University of Barcelona


“See my recent talk on the implications of protein-ligand structural stability for drug discovery

(also available in ALLODD's youtube channel).”