Processes under development

The following processes are still being developed or tested. They are therefore not yet incorporated into the official Elle release. If you want to know more about them, please send an email to

  • Hydrofracture formation, according to gravity, tectonic forces and fluid pressure
  • Microseismic signals from hydrofractures
  • Crustal-scale dynamic fluid flow
  • Transport by advection-diffusion
  • Diffusion of isotopes and trace elements with fractionation
  • Anisotropic growth of crystals from a fluid, to simulate fracture sealing
  • Diagenetic reactions (e.g. dolomitization)
  • Recovery
  • Coupling of non-linear viscous deformation with grain boundary migration
  • 2-phase grain boundary migration (dynamic recrystallization)
  • Nucleation of new grains depending on crystal lattice misorientation