The general purposes of this subproject are, on the one hand, to complete the introduction of the materials of the localities of the Catalan linguistic domain of the “Atlas Lingüístico de la Península Ibérica” (ALPI) and, on the other hand, to develop a number of contrastive and comparative studies, intradialectally and interdialectally as well as intralinguistically and interlinguistically, of these materials with data included in two fundamental works for the knowledge and study of the different dialectal varieties of the Catalan-speaking territories: the “Diccionari català-valencià-balear” (DCVB) and the “Atlas linguístic del domini català” (ALDC).

The combined study of the materials will enrich overall knowledge of the Catalan lexicon and certain phonic and morphological aspects in the first half of the 20th century, thus facilitating the development of contrastive studies with current data.

The non-coinciding localities complement the content of the three works, in particular of the ALPI and the DCVB. It is known through the information that appears in the map of localities of the first volume of the DCVB, and in later research works, that a part of the ALPI materials served to increase the lexical flow of the DCVB. From this perspective, the ALPI data which were incorporated into the DCVB will be extracted and the motivations for their inclusion will be determined, as well as the methodology that was applied. The main areas of study of the subproject are phonetics, morphology, syntax, lexicon and also paremiology, anthropology and language contact.