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Vegetation mapping
This field has two main focuses. First, we study the relationship between vegetation knowledge and mapping techniques, where the analytic tools facilitate improving our knowledge of the landscape functional structure. The second aspect consists in the applications derived from maps of vegetation or habitats included in an own Geographic Information System, which become very useful in landscape management and conservation.
Most of our work has been done in Catalonia, though some studies are referred to other Pyrenean areas and to Aragon. Concerning phytosociological cartography, we have produced the sheets at the scale 1:50.000 corresponding to the Catalan Pyrenees, and are completing the rest of Catalonia. As for the habitats cartography, we have completed all the Catalan sheets at the same scale, and we have begun their revision and improving, to have a second version at the scale 1:25.000. We have also edited eight volumes corresponding to the description of the Catalonian habitats. All these works are diversely used as the first information source in most environment assessments.

We have also produced more detailed cartographies, concerning particular European habitats, or natural areas.

Other works are aimed to the evaluation of landscape naturalness or biogeographic interest from habitats maps and floristic knowledge, through evaluation tools and procedures.

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