EURA Conference 2023 – Panel on local government Transparency

We are organizing a panel at the EURA 2023 conference about transparency and public information policies in local governments. We would like to offer this space as an open room for academic discussion on this subject, and also as a prospective process for possible future collaborations on transnational studies. 

Please consider sending an abstract to join us in Reykjavík. You can find the information about the panel below. Please, note that the deadline for abstract submission is 25th January 2023, and you can do it using this link 

Transparency and public information in local governments: determinants and effects? 
Chair: Esther Pano, Lluís Medir 

This panel aims to study the effects of transparency policies on local institutions and their citizens. We look for papers addressing impacts in both dimensions: citizens (trust, legitimacy, accountability…) and institutions (organizational reorganization and performance). The general question that this panel would like to address is whether transparency policies, understood as the publication of institutional information, the right of access to information and good governance, have had an impact on the dynamics, structures and functioning of public organizations and whether have had an impact on improving the subjective perception of local institutions by citizens (trust, satisfaction and control). Empirical, qualitative or quantitative papers on institutional and organizational aspects are welcome, as well as papers analysing citizen elements in relation to the effects of transparency on legitimacy and trust. Work carried out from political science and urban studies will be prioritized, but any approach based on the social sciences (law, sociology, economics…) will be welcomed. 

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