Molecular Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (MPET)

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biomedicine

Faculty of Biology, UB

Marçal Pastor-Anglada
ORCID ID: 0000-0003-3712-1773
Tel +34 934021543

Principal investigator
: Marçal Pastor-Anglada
Senior scientist: Sandra Pérez-Torras
Senior post-doc: Nerea Urtasun Plans
Post-doc researchers: Aida Mata Ventosa Liska Caviedes Cárdenas José Antonio Agüero Fernández Laura García-Vega
Ph.D. Students: • Andrea Prieto
Industrial Ph.D. student: • Eloy Pena


The MPET laboratory is a worldwide reference in the field of nucleoside metabolism, and in particular in the study of the biology and pharmacology of Nucleoside Transporter (NT) proteins. We have focused on the molecular basis of inter-individual genetic variability in drug-transporter interactions (transporter pharmacogenetics) as well as on the impact of transporters on nucleotide metabolism and disease. Current major research at the MPET laboratory focuses on:

-The study of the gene and protein networks incorporating transporter-related proteins (the so-called “transportome”) for a better understanding of the mechanisms behind the pathogenesis of different types of cancer (solid tumors and lymphoproliferative malignancies).

-The analysis of the NT protein interactome (protein-protein interactions and networks) as a way to understand how these proteins are connected to nucleotide metabolism.

-The study of metabolic reprogramming during the oncogenic process, particularly focusing on the regulation of nucleotide metabolism to identify biomarkers and new druggable targets

-The role of NT proteins on purinergic regulation in inflammation and cancer.

-The role of membrane transporters in the mechanism of action of novel drugs and the impact of transporter genetic variability on drug-transporter and drug-drug transporter interactions to better understand pharmacogenetics-based differences in drug action.

-Cellular and in vivo models for the preclinical characterization of novel anticancer drugs.


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