Internal Institutional workshop in Mysore

As part of the project’s dissemination strategy, an internal institutional workshop was held by the University of Mysore. This internal presentation took place during the last days of December. In the course of this event, participants had the opportunity to discuss and promote internally the e-learning strategy that has been developed, the pilot project results, […]


This 1 day multiplier effect workshop took place at MYSORE. It was oriented towards promoting the results of the project – namely the need to develop e-learning strategies – and promoting the various outcomes of the pilot projects related to developing online courses, staff training to use e-learning tools and QA standards for e-learning. It […]

MIELES Modules – Multimodal interaction

Multimodal Interaction By Dr. Ing. Sebastian Möller, Dr. Benjamin Weiss, Dr. Rahul Swaminathan and Dr. Ing. Jens Ahrens Technische Universität Berlin   Week 1 Introduction Medium vs. Modality Multimedia and Multimodality Modality Relations Characteristics of Multimodal Systems Introduction. Speech Production Hearing – Ear Hearing – Perception Introduction.. The Human Eye Gestlat Perception Resolution and Sensitivity […]

MIELES Modules – Electromagnetic compatibility

Electromagnetic compatiblity By Prof. Dr. Rajeev Thottappillil KTH Royal Insitute of technology in Stockholm Week 1 Introduction to EMC – Definitions Introduction to EMC – Sources, units etc Electromagnetic principles – Faraday’s and Ampere’s equations Electromagnetic principles – Gauss’s equation, boundary conditions Week 2 Electromagnetic principles – Uniform plane wave Electromagnetic principles – Transmission lines […]

MIELES Modules – Machine Learning

Machine Learning By Prof. Dr. Carl Gustaf Jansson KTH Royal Insitute of technology in Stockholm Week 1 Introduction to the Machine Learning Course Foundation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Intelligent Autonomous Systems and Artificial Intelligence Applications of Machine Learning Tutorial for week01 Week 2 Characterization of Learning Problems Objects, Categories and Features Feature related […]

SWOT Analysis: E-learning in Indian institutions

MIELES conducted a SWOT analysis in order to help partners to re-rethink their institutional strategy towards e-learning. This exercise was carried out by the Indian partner universities to determine the overall state of play regarding e-learning in their institutions, their objectives and needs. The SWOT analysis presented the facets of their respective teaching and learning […]

Training "To develop and evaluate courses in digitalization and virtual Labs"

As part of the MIELES dissemination strategy, a training course on “To develop and evaluate courses in digitalization and virtual Labs”  was organised last 14 August 2019 at the Asian Institute of Design in Bangalore, India. The event covered different aspects of e-learning from general aspects of learning goals, question construction, future methods for assignments […]

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