Green areas


Percentage of land area covered by vegetation in the plots occupied by buildings and facilities of the University of Barcelona.

Area covered by vegetation (%)42,6743,15Better
Area covered by vegetation (ha)20,6923,67Better


Although this is a very stable indicator, in recent years there have been significant variations in the urbanized area and vegetation cover on the different campuses.

On the one hand, the faculties of Philosophy and Geography and History were transferred in 2006 from the Domes building on the Diagonal Campus to a new building on the Humanities Campus located in the Raval neighborhood, and the teaching of Labor Relations was also transferred from the building on Ortigosa Street to its current location on the Diagonal Campus. In addition, the UB has continued to expand with the incorporation of new spaces, such as the new Torribera Food Campus and the buildings of El Carme, Can Jaumandreu and Gran Via 582. On the other hand, over the years, works have been carried out to expand and adapt the spaces on the other campuses, such as the new Biology library or the new Bellvitge classroom.

From an urbanistic point of view, at the Diagonal and Mundet Campuses, the proportion of surface area covered with vegetation is characteristic of open spaces, with gardens and residential areas, while at Torribera and other areas such as Finca Pedro Pons it is typical of a wooded area with little urbanization. Due to the lack of land with vegetation, the Bellvitge Campus and the Centre Campus, which includes the Humanities Campus, the Medicine-Clinic Campus, and other buildings located in the center of the city, such as the Sants-UB building, would be located on the fringe of highly urbanized areas.

The outlook for the evolution of this indicator is directly related to the forecast for construction work on the different campuses, so that there will be a setback with the construction of new buildings or the enlargement of existing ones if the loss of areas occupied by vegetation is not compensated with the acquisition of new land without building or with measures such as the landscaping of hedges, as was done in the new Biology special waste storage area.


Note: The Mundet Campus has also included the Pavilion of the Republic. The Central Campus includes the Humanities Campus, the Medicine Campus – Clínic, the UB-Sants building, Balmes 18 and 21, and Gran Via 582. Finca Pedro Pons, l’Edifici Carme and Can Jaumandreu have been considered as Others.
Note: The increase in the values of vegetation and urbanized area at the Torribera Campus correspond to the new incorporation of this Campus.
Evolution of green spaces at the Diagonal Campus – Portal del Coneixement (2003 – 2016).

Data tables

Surface area covered with vegetation per campus (2016).

CampusArea covered with vegetation (m2)Urbanized area (m2)Total area (m2)% area covered by vegetation
Diagonal124.492 171.849296.341 42,01
Mundet 43.10353.45096.55344,64
Bellvitge 5.01515.07520.09024,96
Torribera 41.20729.36970.57658,39