Punt Bici UB

Punt Bici UB for self-repair

The Punt Bici UB bicycle self-repair service is a free service that allows users who commute to the university by bicycle to carry out minor repairs and maintenance work.

Simply put a coin (which is returned when the totem is closed) to access the tools: spanner, flat and Phillips screwdriver, Allen keys, levers to dismantle the wheel covers and air pump with head for all types of valves. If you want to inflate the wheels, there is a side bar to hold the bike, and for the rest of the actions you can rest the bike on the upper support.


Instructions for use of the UB Punt Bici for self-repair

Instructions for using the totem pole

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Explanatory video of the Punt Bici UB for self-repair

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Mobile Punt Bici

The Mobile Punt Bici is a service open to everyone, provided by Biciclot, which includes both free check-ups and small emergency bicycle adjustments, as well as personalised advice on safe routes, regulations and bicycle maintenance mechanics for safe riding.

(last revised: April 2022)

Mobile Punt Bici Physics and chemistry of bike repairs

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