The mobility generated to come to study or work at the UB is the university activity with the greatest environmental impact. In this section you will find the UB Mobility Diagnoses, useful information for bicycle users, as well as the projects and actions we carry out from the Environment Unit to promote more sustainable mobility at the university.

What do we do at OSSMA?

In the quarterfinals we overcame the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and we qualified for the semifinals, where we cross with the Università degli Studi di Torino.

Starting on September 2020 till November 2020, we published through our Twitter account a series of eco-tips on the carbon footprint of the University of Barcelona, with proposals to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. We think it is a good idea to summarize them in this post.


Mobility studies

UBici: UB bicycle parking

UBici: Punt Bici UB



Punt Bici

Calendar of periodic reviews of the Mobile Bike Point

More info

Self-Repairing Bike Point

Instructions for using the UB Self-Repair Bike Point

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UB Sports Bike Point

Videos of good practices of the Punt Bici UB self-repair

From the 2021-22 academic year