Employment and jobs

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Employment and Jobs is the Faculty's unit in charge of managing employability and occupation services and career opportunities for students and graduates.

The Employment and Jobs unit develops in a coordinated and independent way all projects and programmes to improve employability, while also organizing business and job fairs.

On the Faculty's webpage for Employment and Jobs information is offered on the structure, the range of services, activities and actions carried out and the contact details for the coordinator, technical officers and interns.

Students and graduates can find information on all activities associated to employment and employability, and learn about indicators, reports and figures about career opportunities and international labour mobility. 

This unit is part of FeinaUB and has the aim of promoting different projects, activities, training opportunities and actions to work towards improving career opportunities and guidance for UB students and graduates. Another objective is facilitating contact between companies and institutions and students and graduates, providing companies with the tools to publicize job offers for our community.

Faculty's graduates looking for information on employment and jobs should mainly address UB Alumni.

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