XII Business Forum Faculties of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science, Earth Sciences and Biology

News | 03-05-2017

The Business Forum, organized by the Faculty of Physics and the Faculty of Chemistry, with the participation of three more faculties, Geology, Mathematics and Biology, is a very good opportunity for students to get in contact with companies whose activity is related to their studies. 

This contact may drive into a scholarship, an agreement for work practices or, even, an employment contract. An important aspect for the student is also training in skills relating to the establishment of the contact with the company, to be able to design and to present a good curriculum, to learn to do a good job interview, etc..

The Business Forum is also a chance for the scientists of the research groups to establish relationships between research and technology. It is also helpful to try to save the wall University/ Industry and promote the technology transfer, so important for the future.

You have to fill the inscription form to participate in the fair, as a companie our as a student, it is on the website of the Fair. Also, registrations for the trainings are open, see them at this link

Date: 3/05/2017

Hours: 10 am to 18 pm

Place: Faculty of Physics and Chemistry Faculty