Environment and Safety

In the Quality, Environment and Safety portal of the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Barcelona you will find, among others, information and useful utilities related to the day-to-day management of quality, environment and safety aspects and occupational health at the Faculty of Chemistry.

This web space is designed with the aim of presenting practical information on topics related to quality management, environment and safety vital for the day-to-day management of the Faculty of Chemistry as an experimental center, managed both by the Quality Unit, Environment and Security (UQMAS) as well as for other responsible bodies or units, whether internal or external to the Faculty itself.

Quality, Environment and Safety portal of the Faculty of Chemistry (in Catalan)

Unit of Quality, Environment and Safety

The Unit of Quality, Environment and Safety (UQMAS, in Catalan) depends functionally on the dean of the FQ-UB and on the Administration of the Center for Physics and Chemistry and has the main mission of performing functions of participation and active support in this regard. the implantation of the policies and processes of quality, environment and occupational health and safety in the Faculty and Administration of the Physics and Chemistry Center. Thus, it becomes one of the main strategic pillars when it comes to ensuring compliance with the commitments expressed by the Faculties of Chemistry in relation to the safety and health of all its members and users, as well as guaranteeing proper environmental management and the sustainable development of the activities that are carried out.