Activities for future students

In addition to annual open days for secondary school students, the Faculty of Chemistry organizes a range of activities designed to help prospective students of different ages get to know the Faculty and its course offering. These include:

  • Information sessions on the Faculty’s course offering.
  • Open Days aimed at upper secondary school and vocational training students, and at anyone with an interest in studying any of the courses on offer at the Faculty.
  • Let’s Do Chemistry in the Lab (Fem Química al Laboratori), practical workshops for upper secondary school students held in the general laboratories of the Faculty, and which serve to complement their education. The students conduct a series of experiments and are thus able to use the facilities and also learn about basic safety and waste issues.
  • Materials engineering workshop, aimed at upper secondary school and final-year vocational training students, and designed to present the materials engineer as a professional with cross-disciplinary training in both scientific and technological aspects, capable of solving issues of design, creation, procurement, processing, selection and recycling of materials.


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