“Voters’ Perceptions of Ideologically Inconsistent Parties”, Ruth Dassonneville (University of Montreal)

Avisos del Departament | 25-04-2024

L'hora d'inici serà a les 14:30h.
There is a growing consensus in the field of party politics that new political fault lines are emerging, and scholars increasingly characterize party competition as multidimensional. This change in the dimensionality of party competition results in important variation in the positions that parties take in a multi-dimensional space, with some parties taking positions that are strongly ideologically constrained, and other parties taking ‘inconsistent’ positions on different ideological dimensions. Earlier work that has studied parties’ positions in a multidimensional space has found that parties that take inconsistent parties receive less political support on average than ideologically constrained parties. However, because of data limitations - and an exclusive reliance on expert- or manifesto-based estimates of the positions that parties take - we lack insights into the mechanisms that explain why inconsistent parties tend to receive lower levels of support. To address this limitation, we rely on an original data collection of surveys in 11 countries in which we asked respondents as well as experts to position parties on six different issues, capturing economic, social, and cultural divisions. Our design allows connecting citizens’ perceptions of the space of party competition in their country, and their perceptions of inconsistency in parties’ positions, to their evaluations of these parties. Using these unique data, we test the role of three individual-level mechanisms connecting ideological inconsistency and support for parties: (1) distance from inconsistent parties’ positions, (2) a lack of information about the positions of these parties, and (3) a distaste for inconsistency.
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