Master's degree


  • The Official Master's Degree in Territorial Planning and Environmental Management has European recognition and is aimed at university graduates interested in developing theoretical skills and professional skills that enable them both for research and for professional practice in the field of planning. territorial and environmental management, applied to different environments and geographical scales (urban and rural environment and coastal, inland or mountain areas).
  • The official master's degree in Urban Tourism is an opportunity to train in a professional field of great dynamism today and in the future, in a context of rapid transformation of cities, consolidation of the paradigm of smart city and smart city. emergence of the urban environment as a tourist setting.
    It is a specific master’s degree in urban tourism, differentiated from others with a general tourism theme, which incorporates two new and differentiated areas: entrepreneurship in urban destinations and the generation of tourism knowledge and intelligence.


  • The learning objectives of the Master are, on the one hand, to achieve a good level of specialization in the field of climatology and meteorology; acquire sufficient preparation to apply for job offers in the meteorological sections of the media and also prepare the necessary skills to carry out technical tasks in meteorological and administrative services that require knowledge related to meteorology, media , etc..