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Science and Integrated Management of Water


If this is the first time you are enrolling in this master's degree, remember that you must first do the pre-enrolment.

Registration should be done online through the self-registration system (automatrícula).


Enrolment period

All students may self-register as long as they have previously submitted the original or certified copies of the required documents to the Secretary for Students and Teaching (SED) of the Faculty of Earth Sciences.

First period: second half of July 2024
Second period: first half of September 2024

Admitted students who cannot enrol during this period will have to make an appointment to formalize enrolment another day at the following email address:


Enrolment procedure

Step 1. Provide the documents


Step 2. Start enrolment

Enrolment should be done online. The students are required to input their personal data and choose the compulsory and optional courses, in accordance with the structure of the master's degree and with the supervision of the coordination of the master's degree.

The regulations establish the minimum and maximum number of credits that students must enrol in according to whether they are studying full time or part time:

  • Full time: between 49 and 60 credits
  • Part-time: between 20 and 48 credits (please ask the Master programme coordinators before enrolling if you would like to be a part-time student)

If a general scholarship or a mobility scholarship is requested, the student should normally enrol full-time (60 credits).

Start self-registration


Step 3. Tuition fee payment

  1. In the event that you are entitled to some type of tuition fee deduction, you must go to the Secretary to provide the documents that certify the possible deduction so that the admin staff can modify the registration.
  2. If the student is not entitled to deductions, payment must be made before the date indicated on the printed receipt.

Enrolment payment methods (only in Catalan and Spanish):

Consult the information on available grants and scholarships:

More information: