University of Barcelona

Cultural Management

Final project

The Final Project consists of an individual research assignment that allows the students to integrate and demonstrate knowledge and competences acquired over the course of the master’s degree, their level of maturity, and their analytical capacity. Students must be rigorous, creative and professional to incorporate the skills that they have gained, and to show that they can express them clearly and apply them across the disciplines in a written document and in an oral presentation and defence. The topic must be original and of particular relevance to the field.

The final project for the master’s degree in Cultural Management is worth 15 credits. Students must enrol for the project in the third semester of the programme. Each student is supervised by a tutor, who promotes and facilitates the learning process. The final project is assessed in a public session before a specific examination panel composed of three lecturers. Before students can submit their project, they must obtain the express authorization of their tutor and pass the rest of the subjects in the programme.

If students wish to go on to a doctoral programme, the final project must refer to theoretical literature and literature reviews on the topic, be based on scientific hypotheses, and include an empirical analysis to support the hypotheses. In the applied cultural management pathway, the final project will describe in detail a management proposal, based on a strategic assessment of a situation.