University of Barcelona

Information for the student – Marketing and Market Research

Organization and teaching methodology

The master has 60 credits with subjects of obligatory and optional character.

Total credits: 60

Compulsory credits: 32,5 (Divided in: 20 credits of compulsory subjects –5 credits each one– + 12,5 credits of Master’s Thesis

Optional credits: 27,5 (Inside of this credit pack exist two options: A) do 22,5 credits  from optative subjects  + 5 credits from the practicum. Or B) do 27,5 credits just from optative subjects. The practicum is an optative optional subject, that is, the student can decide to take it or not as a  curricular subject.  In the case A the practicum will be curricular, which means that it will be reflected in the academic record.  In the case B, the student has the chance to do the practicum but in this case will be extra-curricular which means that will not be reflected in the academic records.

Complementary training credits: 30 (if needed, it depends on earlier studies. Coordination will decide it)