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Grants and other forms of financial aid are available to students at any stage in their university education: for research, for participation in exchange programmes, for summer courses, for extending enrolment choices or completing placements abroad, for positions as lecturer abroad, for international professional placements, etc.

You can check the calls, requirements, procedures and deadlines of the grants and financial aid for university master's degree courses here: · Grants and financial aid for bachelor's degrees and master's degrees. · Further information on all grants, financial aid and awards can be found on Mon UB, the students' portal.

CC-TOP: C-C Bond Formation by Top Performing Enzymes

I would like to bring to your attention that we are currently seeking 15 PhD candidates in our new ITN for positions in 6 European countries (Croatia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, UK). Deadline for applications is May 31st. 
CC-TOP:    C-C Bond Formation by Top Performing Enzymes
The CC-TOP project aims to build a new generation of researchers with adequate skills to explore the multi-facetted aspects of bioprocess development for C-C bond formation (carboligation). We will train ESR’s by 15 cutting-edge projects in a wide spectrum of fields, including the discovery, characterization, engineering and application of novel biocatalysts for carboligation toward the synthesis of valuable chiral targets of industrial interest. All projects include cross-disciplinary, intersectoral secondments within 18 partner organizations (10 academic and 11 non-academic) at top universities, research centres, and companies across Europe. As you probably know, these full-time positions are also well funded. 
A detailed description of each of the 15 ESR projects, and instructions on how to apply, is provided in the general call for applications on the CC-TOP website: