University of Barcelona

Drug Research, Development and Control

Objectives and competences


  • Acquire solid, multidisciplinary training in theory and methodology in the areas of drug research, development and control so that quality research can be carried out in all stages of drug development, and specifically research related to the development of new pharmaceutical formulations.
  • Display a capacity for analysis and synthesis.
  • Learn to work in interdisciplinary and multicultural teams.
  • Work creatively to achieve quality research that enables the development, leadership and management of research projects in the pharmaceutical field.
  • Gain the cognitive skills needed for inductive reasoning, develop the critical and reflective ability to solve problems in the professional arena, and lead and manage teams in the main areas of the pharmaceutical industry.


Upon completion of the master's degree, students will be able to:
  • Use leadership skills, a capacity for initiative, entrepreneurial spirit and command of management techniques to lead activities in pharmaceutical companies, research projects or research groups.
  • Work as part of multidisciplinary teams and collaborate with other professionals.
  • Integrate advanced technological knowledge and improve the skills and abilities needed to work in an experimental laboratory in the field of drug R&D;
    plan and implement a research project to develop and control drugs of natural and synthetic origin, and apply the knowledge acquired to the development of new pharmaceutical products and to innovation.
  • Identify current therapeutic approaches to the treatment of various diseases and the main advances in the discovery and development of new drugs and new drug targets.
  • Demonstrate the skills and abilities to develop and formulate drugs and to design and plan new nanostructured, controlled drug delivery systems;
    apply advanced instrumental analysis techniques to drug research, development and control.
  • Demonstrate the skills and abilities to develop and validate new analytical methods and to apply them to the analysis and control of natural and synthetic drugs.