The Doctoral programs of the Faculty of Fine Arts have as their training objective to offer students theoretical, methodological and experimental instruments that prepare them to carry out advanced research in visual arts, contemporary artistic productions, art and education, design and conservation-restoration. From these programs, the creation of meanings from the artistic production and the theoretical research implicit in the processes of experimentation that surround it is promoted. The creative and interdisciplinary factor of our doctoral programs gives them a specific and relevant potential value that has a significant impact on the knowledge society.

The faculty of the doctoral programs has been leading and actively participating in R+D+I research groups and projects since 2000, creating new lines of research that have been the basis for the creation of these studies.


Doctoral programs offered by the Faculty of Fine Arts:

Arts and Education

Lines:       - Arts education, museums and visual culture: cultural policies.

                 - The application of art for psychosocial improvement and in therapeutic contexts.


Advanced Studies in Artistic Productions.

Areas:        - Art in the digital era

                   - Research in Image and Design


Reality Under Siege: Concept, Process and Artistic Experimentation

Areas:      - Art, Nature and Environment

                 - Contemporary Realisms: Artistic Practices of Reality

                 - Evidenced Reality

History of doctoral programs of the Faculty of Fine Arts