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Visual Arts and Education: A Constructionist Approach


Mural paint - Master

This is an interuniversity master’s degree offered by the universities of Barcelona, Girona and Granada. Each university offers their own study programme and students choose in which university they want to study. Consequently, students complete the admission and enrolment process at their chosen university.
The master’s degree offers a cross-disciplinary approach through references to cultural studies, visual culture studies, critical education methods, museum studies, poststructuralist studies, the educational shift for arts, etc. Besides, the degree offers intervention and research strategies related to methodologies and methods closely associated to narrative perspectives, artistic and art-based research, visual methods, ethnographic approaches and participative action research.
This course is aimed at students with an interest in developing their training as teachers in the field of arts and education, in carrying out participative and collaborative intervention projects, in developing inclusive research proposals to participate in institutions and groups.
The development of the course includes the participation of teaching staff from other universities, different social groups and international guests.
This master's degree offers placements in cultural, artistic and educational institutions of relevance due to their development of projects that explore alternative strategies in the relation between arts and education.

Basic information

Main universityUniversitat Granada
  • Universitat Granada
  • Universitat Barcelona
  • Universitat Girona
Credits60 - 90 number varies according to previous studies
Mode of deliveryPresencial
Bridging coursesNo
  • Research Project on Visual Arts Education
  • Visual Arts Education Projects in Institutions and Communities
Faculty or schoolFaculty of Fine Arts
Number of places available30
Language(s) of instructionSpanish, Catalan and English
Approximate price per credit27.67 euros per credit (82 euros for students who are not EU nationals and do not currently reside in Spain). Fees for the academic year 2021-2022
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