University of Barcelona

Biomedical Engineering

Course plans

List of subjects 2021-2022

Subject Type Credits
Applied Electronics OB 9
Artificial Intelligence in Biomedical Engineering OT 3
Biochemistry FB 6
Bioelectricity and Bioelectromagnetism OB 6
Biologia i Patologia Molecular FB 6
Biological Systems Modelling OB 6
Biomechanics OB 6
Biomedical Imaging and Computing Laboratory OT 3
Biomedical Imaging OB 6
Biomedical Instrumentation and Signals OB 9
Biomedical Instruments and Equipment OT 3
Biomedical Microchips OT 3
Biophysics OB 6
Biostatistics FB 6
Biotechnology and Bioinformatics OB 4.5
Biotecnologia i Tecnologia Farmacèutica OB 4.5
Càlcul I FB 6
Càlcul II FB 6
Cell Biology FB 6
Chemistry FB 6
Clinical Engineering, Health Systems and Ethics OB 6
Computer Science FB 6
Data Processing and Visualization Laboratory OT 3
Differential Equations and Vector Analysis OB 6
Economy and Business FB 6
Estructura i Funció del Cos Humà I FB 6
Estructura i Funció del Cos Humà II FB 6
Final project TR 12
Física I FB 6
Física II FB 6
In-Company Placement OT 6
Innovation and Creativity in Organizations OT 3
Intel·ligència Artificial OB 4.5
Kinetic and Kinematic Systems for Human Gait Analysis OT 3
Linear Algebra and Geometry FB 6
Materials and Biomaterials Engineering OB 9
Medical Applications of Engineering I OB 6
Medical Applications of Engineering II OB 6
Medical Applications of Engineering III OB 6
Medical Implants OT 3
Medical Informatics and Telemedicine OB 6
Microcontroller for Biomedical Applications and Systems (MASB) OT 3
Molecular and Cell Bioengineering OB 6
Molecular and Therapeutic Pathology OB 4.5
Nanobiotechnology and Nanomedicine OB 6
New Technologies Applied to Prosthodontics and Dysfunction OT 3
Organization Management OT 6
Product Engineering in Healthcare OT 3
Professional Profiles for Biomedical Engineering in the Healthcare Sector OT 3
Projects in Engineering OB 6
R Data Science OT 3
Robotics and Biomedical Systems Control OB 6
Simulation of Biomedical Engineering Systems for Testing, Analysis and Research OT 3
Statistical Quality Control of Industrial Processes OT 3
Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine OB 6