The Faculty Administration is the body responsible for managing the administrative and management units that deal with students and academic staff, as well as its own administrative and service staff.

The Faculty Administrator is the senior manager of the faculty and the person to whom General Management delegated these tasks.

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences has two faculty administrations, corresponding to the different campuses:


Administration Managers

  • Medicine Campus Administration (Clínic): Celia Salgado
  • Health Sciences Campus Administration (Bellvitge): Isabel Gil Giménez



  • Coordinate and manage the administrative and management units for students and academic staff.
  • Coordinate the management of research and financial support processes, as well as room and facilities management and faculty maintenance.
  • Manage faculty rooms and repairs and monitor the condition of the facilities in terms of maintenance, cleaning and security.
  • Manage and monitor specific contracts with companies awarded tenders.