The Faculty and Libraries of Barcelona launch the reading cycle 'Literature and exile'

News | 22-01-2024

A total of 3 sessions will be organized that will run from the months of February to April to bring all audiences closer to the experiences of this very relevant phenomenon.

The Faculty of Philology and Communication and Libraries of Barcelona are launching a new initiative to continue expanding the synergies between both institutions. After the good results of the reading clubs organized in the last two years and the collaborations carried out within the framework of Els Dijous de Filologia i Comunicació, this year a reading cycle with a very current theme is launched: literature and exile.

The cycle consists of a conference by Marta Marín-Domine and two comment sessions on two literary works by Paula Kuffer and Àlex Matas. Three specialists who, through literature, will provide a space for reflection, debate and learning. Thus, on February 20, the inaugural session of the cycle will take place, which will feature a conference by the writer, translator and documentary filmmaker Marta Marín-Domine, a talk in which the multiple experiences of exile will be reflected. In this first meeting, the specimens that will be analyzed in the following sessions of the cycle will be distributed.

Austerlitz and Crist de 200.000 braços, reading proposals

The Literature and Exile cycle will continue with two other sessions dedicated to the analysis and reflection of two novels that deal with the subject. On March 12, the teacher, curator and translator, Paula Kuffer, will give a talk and a commentary on the novel Austerlitz, by W.G. Sebald. A month later, on April 16, the professor of the Faculty of Philology and Communication and writer, Àlex Matas, will lead a session on the novel Crist de 200.000 braços, by Agustí Bartra.

Starting January 22, registration for the reading cycle opens.

More information about the cycle and registration


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