University of Barcelona

Quantum Science and Technology (new)

Course plans and teaching staff

Students entering the Master are required to take the Quantum Core courses covering advanced quantum mechanics, condensed matter theory, and quantum information theory. After that, students may build their own path through the master, selecting elective courses from one or more of the following tracks:


Quantum Theory: designed for students with a background in theory and mathematics, with advanced courses on theoretical topics related to quantum information, communications and sensing.

Quantum Software: designed for students with a computational background, with courses on cutting-edge numerical and computational techniques

Quantum Hardware: designed for students with an experimental focus, these courses have a practical focus on experimental techniques and cutting-edge quantum technologies.

Quantum Optics: these are theoretical and experimental courses offered in conjunction with the Master in Photonics, for students interested in quantum optics, atom-light interaction, and their applications.

Strong links with industry are embedded into the program. All students are required to take a course on Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and the program offers opportunities to undertake an Internship with a local company or research group.


Topical Seminars from researchers and companies, and an Annual Career Symposium, will enhance the link to industry and expose students to a wide range of career paths and potential employers.