University of Barcelona

Biomedical Engineering

Course plans

List of subjects 2023-2024

Subject Type Language Credits
Specialization: BC for admission to the Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering
Biomaterials OP 2nd semester 5
Biomedical Instrumentation OP 1st semester 5
Biomedical Signals OP 1st semester 5
Methods for Modelling and Simulation of Biosystems OP 2nd semester 5
Molecular and Cell Biology OP 1st semester 5
Physiology OP 1st semester 5

Bridging courses

Subject Type Language Credits
Specialization: Biomedical Engineering
Advanced Biomedical Signal Processing and Analysis OP 1st semester 5
Analysis and Statistical Computing of Biomedical Data OP 1st semester 5
Biofluid Mechanics OP 1st semester 2.5
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology OP 2nd semester 5
Biological Interactions of Biomaterials OP 1st semester 2.5
Biomechanics of Human Motion OP 2nd semester 2.5
Biomedical Informatics OP 1st semester 2.5
Biomedical Systems and Equipment CM 1st semester 5
Biophotonics OP 2nd semester 5
Biosensors and Lab on a Chip OP 2nd semester 2.5
Biosystems and Nanobioengineering CM 1st semester 5
Communication Technologies for Autonomous Health Monitoring OP 2nd semester 2.5
Deep Learning Methods for Biomedicine OP 1st semester 2.5
Design of Biomedical Equipment and Systems OP 1st semester 5
Final Project CM 1st semester
2nd semester
Hospital Communication Systems OP 2nd semester 5
Innovation and Business in Biomedical Engineering CM 1st semester 5
Medical Robotics OP 2nd semester 5
Micro and Nanobioengineering OP 2nd semester 5
Nanoparticles for Medical Imaging and Drug Delivery OP 1st semester 2.5
Neuronal Bioengineering OP 2nd semester 2.5
Organization and Management of Clinical Information OP 2nd semester 2.5
Principles and Techniques in Cell and Molecular Analysis OP 2nd semester 2.5
Radiation and Human Health OP 1st semester 5
Radiological Protection in Medical Applications OP 1st semester 2.5
Smart Sensing Systems OP 2nd semester 5
Techniques and Analysis in Medical Imaging OP 2nd semester 5
Technologies in Regenerative Medicine OP 2nd semester 2.5
Three-Dimensional Biomaterial Engineering for Biomedicine OP 2nd semester 2.5
Two- and Three-Dimensional Medical Images Processing OP 1st semester 2.5
Visualization of Two- and Three-Dimensional Medical Images OP 1st semester 2.5