Message from the Dean

On behalf of the entire University community I would like to welcome everyone visiting our website to find out about the courses of study and research projects currently under way at the Faculty, and about other aspects of psychology as a discipline and its related professional fields.

This website is intended to be a source of information and communication for anyone with an interest in our Faculty, be they prospective students of the bachelor’s degree in Psychology, graduates who wish to further their training through one of our official master’s degree courses or doctoral programmes, or working professionals interested in a university extension course, UB-specific master’s degree, postgraduate diploma or other training option. The site is also addressed to public and private companies and institutions who wish to establish agreements with the Faculty itself or with the departments or research groups.

The website is also a practical tool and communication channel for our teaching staff, administration and service staff and students – a comprehensive information resource designed to help them in their work. Psychology is a plural, complex and diverse discipline, in terms of both its content and its scope of application. Our goal is to offer an appropriately broad-reaching training programme to our students, focusing particularly on the continual improvement of teaching quality, services and infrastructures (computer rooms, teaching laboratories, audiovisual resources, tutoring, and practical training in the Faculty and at partner institutions) and on compliance with the criteria laid down for courses of study offered within the framework of the European Higher Education Area. Research promotion is an essential mechanism in developing and increasing the scientific impact of new knowledge and is fundamental to keeping our teaching programme at the forefront of the discipline. To achieve this, we work keenly with other universities and maintain close ties with a wide network of social and professional partners (government bodies, professional associations, companies and institutions) through which we endeavour to establish fruitful cooperation across all areas of education, research and innovation.

We would like to encourage all our visitors to explore the many possibilities that the website offers and will be delighted to hear from you via any of the means at your disposal.

Kind regards,

Dr Antonio Solanas Pérez