Use of languages

Catalan is the official language of the University of Barcelona and is used for institutional and administrative purposes. Both Catalan and Spanish, the official languages of Catalonia, are used in teaching. The University also promotes knowledge of other languages with the aim of making the UB an increasingly multilingual institution.

Academic staff and students have the right to express themselves in the official language they prefer to use (i.e. Catalan or Spanish), both orally and in writing. For example, students may write assignments and answer exam questions in either language, regardless of the language used by the lecturer.

Schools announce the language of instruction before the start of each academic year so that students can check the language in which class groups for each subject will be taught when they enrol. The language remains the same throughout course.

Students who do not understand Catalan can take an intensive beginners courseintensive beginners course 15 days before the start of each term. They can also take advantage of the  Language Services' Catalan resources for non-Catalan-speaking students, which include the activities offered by  the language exchange. Students can check the calendar and the schools where courses are taught and register using the form available at Language Services.