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Chemical Engineering


The master's degree in Chemical Engineering, which is equivalent to the engineering specialization in Industrial Chemistry, is intended for students who have obtained a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and want to acquire further training in this branch of knowledge. The course has a twofold objective: to complete students' basic training as a means of ensuring professional success in the chemical industry, and to provide the foundations for a career in applied research, examining problems related to the chemical industry.
The master's degree in Chemical Engineering is particularly compatible with the socioeconomic characteristics of Barcelona and its environs, which are home to much of Catalonia's chemical industry, including manufacturers of basic and intermediate chemicals, end-products and formulations. The chemical sector in the Barcelona area comprises production, sales and distribution of chemical, pharmaceutical and food products, a range of products from related industries, and extensive consultancy services, each with their implications in terms of environmental impact and energy use.
This course provides in-depth training in the general concepts and fundamental aspects of chemical engineering and places special emphasis on the requirements of those working in the transformative chemical industry, which is the predominant chemical activity in the Barcelona area, and in other closely related sectors, such as food, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, energy and materials.
The training strikes a balance between chemistry and chemical engineering, which reflects the academic tradition of the Faculty of Chemistry.
The degree of experimental work involved in the course ensures a sufficient level of preparation for those who wish to continue to the doctoral programme.

Learning objectives

The master's degree in Chemical Engineering provides prospective chemical engineers with the training they will need for professional practice in the chemical industry, one of the most important sectors in the Spanish economy.
Chemical engineers must be able to analyse and diagnose problems that may arise in chemical plants and in chemical processes in general, and know how to implement the most appropriate solutions, conceiving, designing, building and optimizing the functions of facilities and services required. Chemical engineers are required in all industrial plants where materials undergo changes of state, composition and energy content, which typify the chemical sector and related industries (pharmaceutical, biotechnology, materials, energy, food and environment).
Chemical engineers must also be able to take on varying responsibilities as part of a team, be good communicators, have the ability to adapt to change, and demonstrate a capacity for independent learning in order to stay up to date with developments in the profession. The ability to analyse, synthesize and integrate knowledge in order to make correct decisions is also essential.

Basic Information

Number of ECTS credits awarded:
Language(s) of instruction:
 Catalan: 35%, Spanish: 35%, English: 30%
Number of places available:
Approximate price:
 18,46 euros per credit ( 71 euros for students who are not EU nationals and do not currently reside in Spain). Fees for the academic year 2022-2023
Faculty or school:
  Faculty of Chemistry
Master's degree course homepage:
  Master's degree course homepage
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